Hi, I'm Jason Utt

Professional Software Engineer

A hard working, analytical, well rounded, and ambitious problem solver who welcomes difficult challenges of varying shapes and sizes. Specializes in the design and development of front and back-end web and software applications while also being adept developing console and desktop applications. Learn more through one of the below highlighted specialties or feel free to reach out through LinkedIn to see how he might be able to assist you with your next project.


Years of professional experience


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Years with front-end technologies


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Programming languages learned

Software Design and Development

Experienced molding concepts and ideas into software products: research, requirement gathering, conceptual design and wire-framing, design, construction, testing, and deployment. Every project begins by building client trust and respect. Then business analysis: competitive analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and problems. Next is wire-framing and design using Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, InkScape, or similar tool. The website or app is then constructed using HTML5 and CSS3, responsive design (flex box and grid), and various programming languages (see below). After testing using incremental, unit, browser, and integration techniques the site/app is deployed to a server.

Python Development

Experienced with the development of console and desktop applications for work flow automation and data entry simplification. Also experienced working with asynchronous programming while adhering to object oriented best practices (DRY and KISS). Examples include using Python to manage directory file compression with 7zip, managing and organizing portfolio watch lists and account financial records, downloading web video and editing/converting these files, automating GIT synchronization to prevent programmatic merge conflicts, organizing GIT commits by author, time, and edits, and the automation of recording worker development time spent on any particular project.


Experienced developing and overseeing web applications utilizing proprietary Microsoft technology: C#, Web Forms, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL, and Classic ASP. Examples include data bridge and migration, SQL stored procedures and functions, complex lambda expressions and LINQ queries, bar code generation, image manipulation and storage, API creation and consumption, Hangfire background job management, database scaffolding, debugging, minimizing code complexity, object reflection techniques, object mapping using Auto Mapper, asynchronous programming, and object oriented programming. Examples of applications created include surplus inventory management, ride sharing, finance and accounting, and compliance forms.

JavaScript & Node.js

Experience with full-stack development using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node), JQuery, and Vanilla JavaScript. Have worked with console applications to automatic business processes, Selenium for automatic testing and form filling, a custom developed library of scripts for user experiences, and JQuery for animations. Examples of work include developing dynamic form fields, creation and removal of form field rows, geolocation and address encoding(address to lat/long), input counters, number input type character escaping, measurement conversions, input field masking, and Handlebars for web page templates with dynamic data.

Pokemon Go Pokedex

A responsive full-stack web application which manages Pokémon, walking distances, and friendships while out in the field. The application uses scripts for data retrieval, data tables, local storage for image cache, authentication and authorization with JSON web tokens, API endpoints with Express, React for UI/UX front-end, Base64 encoding, MongoDB Atlas for storage, NodeJS, Yarn, Jest for testing, and Heroku.

Investment Portfolio Manager

A desktop graphical user interface application for managing multiple investment accounts. Written in Python using the Tkinter package; an investor is able to manage either a Robinhood or Fidelity account. Allows an investor to upload their current stock holdings, update performances, update balances, update sell or buy lists, show stock holding charts, review balances, and analyze performance by time frame.

Coded Container Website Design

First designed using GIMP while incorporating the latest design trends in spacing and layout. Developed using modern web technology implementing CSS grid and flex box. Meticulously developed to incorporate responsive web design for use with desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Also incorporates custom logo design, photography, and vector elements. No reliance on boilerplate or design frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind.